House of Sforza

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The House of Sforza was a ruling family of Renaissance Italy, based in Milan. The Sforza's became the ruling family of Milan after Franceso I Sforza acquired the title of Duke of Milan from the extinct Visconti family in 1447. The family governed by force, ruse and power politics, similar to the Medici family in Florence. The Sforza family would later join with the Borgia family through the marriage of Lucrezia Borgia to Giovanni Sforza. Ludovico Sforza was defeated in 1500 by the French during the Italian War of 1499-1504. 

Sforza rulers of the Duchy of Milan
Francesco I
Galeazzo Maria
Gian Galeazzo
Francesco II

Other Notable Members of the Sforza Family
Munzi Attendolo (founder of the House of Sforza)
Bianca Maria Visconti (wife of Francesco I)
Bona Sforza, Queen of Poland
Bianca Maria Sforza (wife of Maximilain I, Holy Roman Emperor)
Anna Sforza (wife of Alfonso I d'Este)
Caterina Sforza