House of Medici

File:Coat of arms of the House of de' Medici.png

The House of Medici was a political dynasty and later a royal house that first began to gather prominence under Cosimo de'Medici in the Republic of Florence in the 14th century. The family originated in Tuscany and founded the Medici Bank- the largest in Europe during the 15th century. The Medici family became the defacto rulers of Florence, even though they remained simply citizens rather than monarchs. The Medici family produced 4 Popes; 2 regent queens of France; and in 1531 the family became hereditary Dukes of Florence. 

Heads of the House of Medici
Signore in the Republic of Florence 
Piero I
Lorenzo I
Piero II
Cardinal Giovanni
Lorenzo II
Cardinal Giulio
Cardinal Ippolio

Duke of Florence

Grand Duke of Tuscany
Cosimo I
Francesco I
Ferdinando I
Cosimo II
Ferdinando II
Cosimo III
Gian Gastone